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Run:ai Documentation Library

Welcome to the Run:ai documentation area. For an introduction about what is the Run:ai Platform see Run:ai platform on the website

The Run:ai documentation is targeting three personas:

  • Run:ai Administrator - Responsible for the setup and the day-to-day administration of the product. Administrator documentation can be found here.

  • Researcher - Using Run:ai to submit Jobs. Researcher documentation can be found here.

  • Developer - Using various APIs to manipulate Jobs and integrate with other systems. Developer documentation can be found here.

How to get Support

To get support use the following channels:

  • Write to

  • On the navigation bar of the Run:ai user interface at <company-name>, use the 'Support' button.

  • Or submit a ticket by clicking the button below:

Submit a Ticket

Run:ai Cloud Status Page

Run:ai cloud availabilty is monitored at

Collect Logs to Send to Support

As an IT Administrator, you can collect Run:ai logs to send to support:

  • Install the Run:ai Administrator command-line interface.
  • Use one of the two options:
    1. One time collection: Run runai-adm collect-logs. The command will generate a compressed file containing all of the existing Run:ai log files.
    2. Continuous send (Run:ai version 2.5 or higher): Run runai-adm -d <HOURS_DURATION>. The command will send Run:ai logs directly to Run:ai support for the duration stated. Data sent will not include current logs. Only logs created going forward will be sent.


Both options include logs of Run:ai components. They do not include logs of researcher containers that may contain private information.

Example Code

Code for the Docker images referred to on this site is available at

Last update: May 19, 2022