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Run:AI Documentation Library

Welcome to the Run:AI documentation area. For an introduction about what is the Run:AI Platform see Run:AI platform on the website

The Run:AI documentation is targeting three personas:

  • Run:AI Administrator - Responsible for the setup and the day to day administration of the product. Administrator documentation can be found here.

  • Researcher - Using Run:AI to submit jobs. Researcher documentation can be found here.

  • Developer - Using various APIs to manipulate Jobs and integrate with other systems. Developer documentation can be found here.

Example Docker Images

Code for the Docker images referred to in these docs is available here.

How to get Support

To get support use the following channels:

  • Write to

  • On our website at, under 'Support' use the support form.

  • On the bottom right of the Administrator user interface, use the 'Help' widget.

  • On the bottom right of this page , use the Help widget.

Last update: January 3, 2021