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Managing Admin UI Users


The Admin User Interface allows:

  • The setup of Kubernetes GPU Clusters.
  • Create, Update and Delete of users
  • Create, Update and Delete Projects.
  • Review short term and long term dashboards
  • Review Node and Job-status

This document is about the Creation, Update, and Deletion of Users.


  • With Run:AI you need to differentiate between the users of the Admin UI and Researcher users which submit workloads on the GPU Kubernetes cluster. This document is about the former.
  • It is possible to connect the Admin UI users module to the organization's LDAP directory. For further information please contact Run:AI customer support.

Working with Users

Create User

Note: to be able to manipulate users, you must have Administrator access. if you do not have such access, please contact an administrator. The list of administrators is shown on the Users page (see below)

  • Log in to
  • On the top left, open the menu and select "Users"
  • On the top right, select "Add New Users".


  • Choose a user name and email. Leave password as blank, it will be set by the user
  • Select Roles. Note -- more than one role can be selected
  • Select a Cluster. This determines the Clusters accessible to this user
  • Press "Save"

The user will receive a join mail and will be able to set a password.

Update a User

  • Select an existing User.
  • Right-click and press "Edit"
  • Update the values and press "Save"

Delete an existing User

  • Select an existing User.
  • Right-click and press "Delete"

Last update: July 19, 2020