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Upgrading a Cluster Installation

Find the current Run:AI cluster version

To find the current version of the Run:AI cluster, run:

kubectl get deployment -n runai runai-operator -o yaml \
    -o jsonpath='{.spec.template.spec.containers[*].image}'

If the Run:AI cluster version is 1.X you will need to uninstall Run:AI before installing version 2.X. Uninstalling Run:AI does not stop any existing Jobs. It only prevents the creation of new Jobs until Run:AI is installed again.

Upgrade from version 1.X

Uninstall Run:AI version 1.X by running:

runai-adm uninstall -A
helm repo remove runai

Install Run:AI by performing the install steps here

Upgrade from version 2.X


kubectl apply -f
helm repo update
helm get values runai-cluster -n runai > values.yaml
helm upgrade runai-cluster runai/runai-cluster -n runai -f values.yaml

Verify successful installation

To verify that the upgrade has succeeded run:

kubectl get pods -n runai

Verify that all pods are running or completed.

Last update: May 18, 2021