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Installing Run:AI over network file storage


Run:AI is storing data on a filesystem. How this storage is configured differs according to the customer environment and usage:

When the purpose of the installation is a production environment, then it is a good practice to setup the system such that if one node is down, the Run:AI software will seamlessly migrate to another node. For this, the storage has to reside on shared storage

The Run:AI cluster installation is performed by accessing the Administrator User Interface at downloading a YAML file runai-operator.yaml and then applying it to Kubernetes. You must edit the YAML file before applying it to Kubernetes.

Search for nfs:

      server:  <IP-address>
      path: /path/to/folder
      enabled: true
  • Set enabled to true
  • Provide the IP Address for the NFS server
  • Provide a path to an existing folder that Run:AI can use. The folder should have read, write and execute permissions for all (chmod 777 <folder-name>).

Last update: October 1, 2020