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Quick Install of Run:AI on a Single Node

Below are instructions on how to install Run:AI cluster on a single node. This process is good for learning Run:AI or using a Run:AI cluster on a single node. Multiple nodes are not supported with this installation. To install a cluster with multiple nodes use Cluster Installation.

The installation process below is comprised of a single script and includes the installation of a built-in Kubernetes using minikube.


The installation below assumes:

  • A single node, with at least one GPU.
  • Running Ubuntu 18.04 or Ubuntu 20.04.
  • sudo access to the node.
  • An email and a password provided by Run:AI customer support.
  • Outbound internet connectivity

If NVIDIA Drivers are not installed, the script will install the latest NVIDIA Drivers.

Installation steps

Get the script:

wget && chmod +x

Run the script:

sudo ./ <email> '<password>'

(note that the password may have special characters, hence the need for surrounding quotes)

If the NVIDIA Drivers have not been pre-installed, they will be installed by the script. The script will then ask for a reboot, after which, re-run the command above.

Node Shutdown and Restart

To shut down your node, you must first perform an orderly shutdown of Kubernetes by running:

sudo minikube stop

When you restart your node, Kubernetes must be restarted as well, using the following command:

sudo minikube start --driver=none --apiserver-ips --apiserver-name localhost

The Run:AI cluster will automatically start following Kubernetes.

Deleting Run:AI


sudo minikube delete --all

Next Steps

Last update: November 29, 2020