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Using a Docker Registry with Credentials


Some Docker images are stored in private docker registries. In order for the researcher to access the images, we will need to provide credentials for the registry.


For each private registry you must perform the following (The example below uses Docker Hub):

kubectl create secret docker-registry <secret_name> -n runai \ 
--docker-server= \
--docker-username=<user_name> --docker-password=<password>


kubectl label secret <secret_name> runai/cluster-wide="true" -n runai
  • secret_name may be any arbitrary string
  • user_name and password are the repository user and password

Note: the secret may take up to a minute to update in the system.

Google Cloud Image Repository

To access the Google Container Repository (GCR), you need to obtain a key-file to a service account (config.json) which allows access to the repository. You then merge it into the cluster:

kubectl create secret docker-registry <secret_name> -n runai \ \
--docker-username=_json_key \
--docker-password="$(cat ~/json-key-file-from-gcp.json)" \

Then run the label command as described above.

Last update: July 22, 2020