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runai logs


Show logs of training job


runai logs job-name 
    [--follow | -f] 
    [--pod string | -p string] 
    [--since duration] 
    [--since-time date-time] 
    [--tail int | -tint] 
    [--loglevel value] 
    [--project string | -p string] 
    [--help | -h]


--follow | -f

Specify if the logs should be streamed.

--pod | -p

Specify a specific pod name. When a Job fails, it may start a couple of times in an attempt to succeed. The flag allows you to see the logs of a specific instance (called 'pod'). Get the name of the pod by running runai get job-name

--instance (string) | -i (string)

Show logs for a specific instance in cases where a job contains multiple pods

--since (duration)

Return logs newer than a relative duration like 5s, 2m, or 3h. Defaults to all logs. The flags since and since-time cannot be used together

--since-time (date-time)

Return logs after specified date. Date format should beRFC3339, example:2020-01-26T15:00:00Z

--tail (int) | -t (int)

# of lines of recent log file to display.


Include timestamps on each line in the log output.

Global Flags

--loglevel (string)

Set the logging level. One of: debug|info|warn|error (default "info")

--project | -p (string)

Specify the project to which the command applies. By default, commands apply to the default project. To change the default project use runai project set <project-name>.

--help | -h

Show help text


The jobs log will show

See Also

Last update: August 4, 2020