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Group Nodes


In some business scenarios, you may want to direct the Run:AI scheduler to schedule a Workload to a specific node or a node group. For example, in some academic institutions, Hardware is bought using a specific grant and thus "belongs" to a specific research group.

Run:AI allows this "taint" by labeling a node, or a set of nodes and then during scheduling, using the flag --node-type <label> to force this allocation

Configuring Node Groups

To configure a node group:

  • Get the names of the nodes where you want to limit Run:AI. To get a list of nodes, run:

    kubectl get nodes
  • For each node run the following:

    kubectl label node <node-name><label>

The same value can be set to a single node, or for multiple nodes.

A node can only be set with a single value

Using Node Groups via the CLI

Use the node type label with the --node-type flag, such as:

runai submit job1 ... --node-type "my-nodes"

See the runai submit documentation for further information

Assigning Node Groups to a Project

To assign specific node groups to a Project see working with Projects.

When the CLI flag is used in conjunction with Project-based affinity, the flag is used to refine the list of allowable node groups set in the Project.

Last update: August 6, 2021