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This section is a step-by-step guide for setting up a Run:AI cluster.

  • A Run:AI cluster is installed on top of a Kubernetes cluster.
  • A Run:AI cluster connects to the Run:AI backend on the cloud. The backend provides a control point as well as a monitoring and control user interface for Administrators.
  • A customer may have multiple Run:AI Clusters, all connecting to a single backend.

For additional details see the Run:AI system components


You can also use our Quick installation guide which installs Kubernetes together with Run:AI on a single node.


As part of the installation process, you will download a Helm values files and which you will use to install Run:AI on the cluster. Before applying the file, you will sometimes need to customize the file. For a list of customization see Customize Installation

Advanced Setup

For advanced scenarios such as Researcher authentication & authorization, limiting the installation to specific cluster nodes or enforcing none-root containers see the Advanced section.

Next Steps

After setting up the cluster, you may want to start setting up Researchers. See: Researcher Setup.

Last update: August 23, 2021