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Quick Install of Run:ai on a Single Node

Below are instructions on how to install the Run:ai cluster on a single node. This process is good for learning Run:ai or using a Run:ai cluster on a single node. Multiple nodes are not supported with this installation. To install a cluster with multiple nodes or for running a formal pilot with Run:ai, use Cluster Installation.

The installation process below is comprised of a single script and includes the installation of a built-in Kubernetes using microk8s.


The installation below assumes:

  • A single node, with at least one GPU.
  • Running Ubuntu 20.04.
  • sudo access to the node (you may be prompted for sudo password during the installation).
  • A client-id and a secret provided by Run:ai customer support.
  • Outbound internet connectivity

Installation steps

Get the script:

wget && chmod +x

Run the script:

./ <tenant-name> <client-id>> <secret>


  • The script will stop at one point and require that you log out and log in again.
  • You may be prompted for a sudo password during the installation.

Next Steps

Last update: May 19, 2022