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Install the Run:ai Administrator Command-line Interface

The Run:ai Administrator Command-line Interface (Administrator CLI) allows performing administrative tasks on the Run:ai Cluster.

The instructions below will guide you through the process of installing the Administrator CLI.


  • Run:ai Administrator CLI runs on Mac and Linux.
  • Kubectl (Kubernetes command-line interface) is installed and configured to access your cluster. Please refer to
  • A Kubernetes configuration file obtained from a computer previously connected to the Kubernetes cluster

Kubernetes Configuration

The Run:ai Administrator CLI requires a Kubernetes profile with cluster administrative rights.


Download the Run:ai Administrator Command-line Interface by running:

wget --content-disposition
chmod +x runai-adm
sudo mv runai-adm /usr/local/bin/runai-adm
wget --content-disposition
chmod +x runai-adm
sudo mv runai-adm /usr/local/bin/runai-adm

To verify the installation run:

runai-adm version

Download a specific version

To download a specific version of runai-adm add the version number to URL. For example:

wget --content-disposition

Updating the Run:ai Administrator CLI

To update the CLI to the latest version perform the same install process again. The command runai-adm update is no longer supported.

Last update: 2023-03-26
Created: 2023-03-26