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Upgrade Run:ai


The Run:ai data is stored in a Kubernetes persistent volume, depending on how you installed the Run:ai control plane, uninstalling the runai-backend helm chart may delete all your data.

The upgrade process described below does not require uninstalling the helm chart.


No preparation required.

  • Ask for a tar file runai-air-gapped-<new-version>.tar from Run:ai customer support. The file contains the new version you want to upgrade to. new-version is the updated version of the Run:ai control plane.
  • Upload the images as described here.

Upgrade to Version 2.9

Before upgrading the control plane, run:

kubectl delete --namespace runai-backend --all \
kubectl delete svc -n kube-system runai-cluster-kube-prometh-kubelet

Delete all secrets in the runai-backend namespace except the helm secret (the secret of type

Before version 2.9, the Run:ai installation, by default, included NGINX. It was possible to disable this installation. if NGINX is disabled in your current installation then do not run the following 2 lines.

kubectl delete ValidatingWebhookConfiguration runai-backend-nginx-ingress-admission
kubectl delete ingressclass nginx 

Next, install NGINX as described here

Then upgrade the control plane as described in the next section.

Upgrade the Control Plane

If you have customized the backend values file in the older version, save it now by running

helm get values runai-backend -n runai-backend > old-be-values.yaml

Generate a new backend values file as described here. Change the new file with the above customization if relevant.

Run the helm command below.

helm repo add runai-backend
helm repo update
helm upgrade runai-backend -n runai-backend runai-backend/runai-backend -f runai-backend-values.yaml

helm upgrade runai-backend runai-backend/runai-backend-<version>.tgz -n \
    runai-backend  -f runai-backend-values.yaml
(replace <version> with the control plane version)

Upgrade Cluster

To upgrade the cluster follow the instructions here.

kubectl apply -f runai-crds.yaml
helm get values runai-cluster -n runai > values.yaml
helm upgrade runai-cluster -n runai runai-cluster-<version>.tgz -f values.yaml
(replace <version> with the cluster version)

Last update: 2023-03-26
Created: 2023-03-26