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Install the Run:AI Backend

Set Backend Configuration

Customize the Run:AI backend configuration file.

Generate a values file by running:

runai-adm generate-values --openshift

Generate a values file by running the following under the deploy folder:

runai-adm generate-values --openshift --airgapped

Edit Backend Configuration File

Optional: Change the following properties in the values file:

Replace With Description
backend.initTenant.admin Change password for This user is the master Backend administrator
backend.initTenant.users Change password for This user is the first cluster user

Install Backend

Run the helm command below:

helm repo add runai-backend
helm repo update
helm install runai-backend -n runai-backend runai-backend/runai-backend \
    -f runai-backend-values.yaml 


To install a specific version, add --version <version> to the install command.

helm install runai-backend runai-backend/runai-backend-<version>.tgz -n \
    runai-backend -f runai-backend-values.yaml 
(replace <version> with the backend version)


Use the --dry-run flag to gain an understanding of what is being installed before the actual installation.

Connect to Administrator User Interface

Run: oc get routes -n runai-backend to find the Run:AI Administration User Interface URL. Log in using the default credentials: User:, Password: password

Next Steps

Continue with installing a Run:AI Cluster.

Last update: January 4, 2022