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Try Run:ai on Azure Cloud

You can try Run:ai by starting a virtual machine on Azure. This option is currently limited to a single GPU node. To install a cluster with multiple nodes or for running a formal pilot with Run:ai, use Cluster Installation.


You will need:

  • An account in Azure with a quota for GPUs. Run:ai will work with any modern GPU.
  • Tenant credentials and data, provided by Run:ai customer support.

Create an instance in Azure

  • Go to Run:ai Quickstart in the Azure marketplace.
  • Press the "Create" button.
  • Select a name, subscription, and machine size with GPUs. The machine should have at least 8 CPUs.
  • Under the Advanced tab select Enable user data. Paste the user data provided by Run:ai customer support. It should be in the format:
    export RUNAI_TENANT=<tenant-name>
    export RUNAI_CLIENTID=<client-id>
    export RUNAI_SECRET=<secret>
  • Create the machine.

Use Run:ai

Go to https://<tenant-name> Use credentials provided by Run:ai support.

After ~30 minutes you should have a working Run:ai cluster. You can submit Jobs via the user interface. Command-line is not provided.


This setup does not support single-sign-on.

Last update: 2023-03-26
Created: 2023-03-26