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Inference Setup

Inference Jobs are an integral part of Run:AI and do not require setting up per se. However, Running multiple production-grade processes on a single GPU is best performed with an NVIDIA technology called Multi-Process Service or MPS

By default, MPS is not enabled on GPU nodes.

Enable MPS

In order to enable the MPS server on all nodes, use the following command:

 kubectl patch runaiconfig runai -n runai --type='json' -p='[{"op": "add", "path": "/spec/mps-server", "value": {"enabled": true }}]'

Wait for the MPS server to start running:

 kubectl get pods -n runai

When the MPS server pod has started to run, restart the nvidia-device-plugin pods:

kubectl delete pods -n runai --selector=name=nvidia-device-plugin-ds

To enable the MPS server on selected nodes, please contact Run:AI customer support.

Verify MPS is Enabled


kubectl get pods -n runai --selector=app=runai-mps-server -o wide
  • Verify that all mps-server pods are in Running state.

  • Submit a workload with MPS enabled using the --mps flag. Then run:

runai list
  • Identify the node on which the workload is running. In the get pods command above find the pod running on the same node and then run:
kubectl logs -n runai runai-mps-server-<name> -f

You should see activity in the log

Last update: April 28, 2021