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Submit a Run:AI Job via Kubernetes API

The easiest way to submit jobs to the Run:AI GPU cluster is via the Run:AI Command-line interface (CLI). Still, the CLI is not a must. It is only a wrapper for a more detailed Kubernetes API syntax using YAML.

There are cases where you want to forgo the CLI and use direct API calls. A frequent scenario for using the Kubernetes YAML syntax to submit jobs is integrations. Researchers may already be working with an existing system that submits jobs, and want to continue working with the same system. Though it is possible to call the Run:AI CLI from the customer's integration, it is sometimes not enough.

There are a couple of alternatives to achieving this:

This article is a complementary article to the article on launching jobs via YAML. It shows how to use Kubernetes API to submit jobs. The article uses Python, though Kubernetes API is available in several other programming languages.

Submit a Run:AI Job

The following code builds the Job YAML from the article on launching jobs via YAML and sends it via Kubernetes API.

from __future__ import print_function
import kubernetes
from kubernetes import client, config
from pprint import pprint
import json


with client.ApiClient() as api_client:

    namespace = 'runai-team-a'  # Run:AI project name is prefixed by runai-
    jobname = 'my-job'
    username = 'john'  # used in un-authenticated systems only
    gpus = 1

    body = client.V1Job(api_version="", kind="RunaiJob")
    body.metadata = client.V1ObjectMeta(namespace=namespace, name=jobname)

    template = client.V1PodTemplate()
    template.template = client.V1PodTemplateSpec()
    template.template.metadata = client.V1ObjectMeta(labels = {'user' : username})

    resource = client.V1ResourceRequirements(limits= {'' : gpus})
    container = client.V1Container(
        name=jobname, image='', resources=resource)
    template.template.spec = client.V1PodSpec(
        containers=[container], restart_policy='Never', scheduler_name='runai-scheduler')
    body.spec = client.V1JobSpec(template=template.template)


        api_instance = client.CustomObjectsApi(api_client)
        api_response = api_instance.create_namespaced_custom_object(
            "", "v1", namespace, "runaijobs", body)
    except as e:
        print("Exception when calling AppsV1Api->create_namespaced_job: %s\n" % e)

Last update: February 14, 2021