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What are Metrics

Metrics are numeric measurements recorded over time that are emitted from the Run:AI cluster. Typical metrics involve utilization, allocation, time measurements, and the like. Metrics are used in Run:AI dashboards as well as in the Run:AI administration user interface.

The purpose of this document is to detail the structure and purpose of metrics emitted by Run:AI to enable customers to create custom dashboards or integrate metric data into other monitoring systems.

Run:AI uses Prometheus for collecting and querying metrics.

Published Run:AI Metrics

Following is the list of published Run:AI Metrics

Metric name Labels Measurement Description
runai_cluster_cpu_utilization  {clusterId} 0 to 1 CPU utilization of the entire cluster
runai_cluster_memory_used_bytes  {clusterId} Bytes Used CPU Memory of the entire cluster
runai_cluster_memory_utilization  {clusterId} 0 to 1 CPU Memory utilization of the entire cluster
runai_gpu_is_allocated  {gpu, clusterId, node} 0/1 Is a GPU hosting a pod
runai_gpu_is_running_fractional_job  {gpu, clusterId, node} 0/1 Is GPU hosting Fractional GPU jobs
runai_gpu_last_active_time  {gpu, clusterId, node} Unix time Last time GPU was not idle
 {job_uuid, job_name, clusterId, gpu, node} 0 to 100 Utilization per GPU for jobs running on a full GPU
runai_gpu_utilization_with_pod_info  {pod_namespace, pod_name, clusterId, gpu, node} 0 to 100 GPU utilization per GPU
runai_job_allocated_gpus  {job_type, job_uuid, job_name, clusterId, project} Double GPUs allocated to Jobs
runai_job_gpu_utilization  {job_uuid, clusterId, job_name, project} 0 to 100 Average GPU utilization per job
runai_job_image  {image, job_uuid, job_name, clusterId} N/A Image name per job
runai_job_requested_gpu_memory  {job_type, job_uuid, job_name, clusterId, project} Bytes Requested GPU memory per job (0 if not specified by the user)
runai_job_requested_gpus  {job_type, job_uuid, job_name, clusterId, project} Double Number of requested GPU per job
runai_job_status_with_info  {user, job_type, status, job_name, clusterId, node, project} N/A Additional information on jobs
runai_job_total_runtime  {clusterId, job_uuid} Seconds Total run time per job
runai_job_total_wait_time  {clusterId, job_uuid} Seconds Total wait time per job
runai_job_used_gpu_memory_bytes  {clusterId, job_uuid} Bytes Used GPU memory per job
 {job_uuid, job_name, clusterId, gpu, node} Bytes Used GPU memory per job, per GPU on which the job is running
runai_node_cpu_requested_cores  {clusterId, node} Double Sum of the requested CPU cores of all jobs running in a node
runai_node_cpu_utilization  {clusterId, node} 0 to 1 CPU utilization per node
runai_node_gpu_used_memory_bytes  {clusterId, node} Bytes Used GPU memory per node
runai_node_memory_utilization  {clusterId, node} 0 to 1 CPU memory utilization per node
runai_node_requested_memory_bytes  {clusterId, node} Bytes Sum of the requested CPU Memory of all jobs running in a node
runai_node_total_memory_bytes  {clusterId, node} Bytes Total GPU memory per node
runai_node_used_memory_bytes  {clusterId, node} Bytes Used CPU memory per node
runai_project_guaranteed_gpus  {clusterId, project} Double Guaranteed GPU quota per project
runai_project_info  {memory_quota, cpu_quota, gpu_guaranteed_quota, clusterId, project} N/A Information on CPU, CPU Memory, GPU quota per project
runai_running_job_cpu_limit_cores {clusterId, job_name , job_uuid} Double Jobs CPU limit (in number of cores). See link
runai_running_job_cpu_requested_cores  {clusterId, job_name, job_uuid} Double Jobs requested CPU cores. See link
runai_running_job_cpu_used_cores  {job_uuid, clusterId, job_name, project} Double Jobs CPU usage (in number of cores)
runai_running_job_memory_limit_bytes  {clusterId, job_name, job_uuid} Bytes Jobs CPU Memory limit. See link
runai_running_job_memory_requested_bytes  {clusterId, job_name, job_uuid} Bytes Jobs requested CPU Memory. See link
runai_running_job_memory_used_bytes  {job_uuid, clusterId, job_name, project} Bytes Jobs used CPU Memory

Following is a list of labels appearing in Run:AI metrics:

Label Description
clusterId Cluster Identifier
cpu_quota CPU limit per project
gpu GPU index
gpu_guaranteed_quota Guaranteed GPU quota per project
image Name of docker image
job_name Job name
job_type Job type: training, interactive or inference
job_uuid Job identifier
pod_name Pod name. A Job can contain many pods.
pod_namespace Pod namespace
memory_quota CPU memory limit per project
node Node name
project Name of Run:AI Project
status Job status: Running, Pending, etc. For more information on Job statuses see document
user User identifier

Other Metrics

Run:AI exports other metrics emitted by NVIDIA and Kubernetes packages, as follows:

Metric name Description
DCGM_GPU_MODEL GPU model. example: Tesla V100-SXM2-32GB
dcgm_gpu_utilization GPU utilization
kube_node_status_allocatable Resources (cpu, memory, gpu etc) are allocatble (available for scheduling)
kube_node_status_capacity The capacity for different resources of a node
kube_node_status_condition The condition of a cluster node
kube_pod_container_resource_requests The number of requested resources by a container
kube_pod_container_resource_requests_cpu_cores The number of CPU cores requested by container
kube_pod_container_resource_requests_memory_bytes Bytes of memory requested by a container
kube_pod_info Information about pod
kube_pod_status_phase The current phase of the pod

For additional information, see Kubernetes kube-state-metrics and NVIDIA dcgm exporter.

How to Query Metrics

Run:AI customer support should provide a <BASE-METRICS-URL>, <DATASOURCE-ID> and an <GRAFANA-API-KEY>.

  • Browse to <RUNAI-URL>/grafana (<BASE-METRICS-URL>) and log in as administrator
  • Under Keys, generate a viewer key (<GRAFANA-API-KEY>)
  • Under Data sources, locate a numeric data source ID ( <DATASOURCE-ID>)

Use the Run:AI metrics documentation above together with Prometheus API syntax to access data. Example:

curl "https://<BASE-METRICS-URL>/api/datasources/proxy/<DATASOURCE-ID>/api/v1/query?query=runai_job_total_runtime" \
    --header 'Accept: application/json' \
    --header 'Authorization: Bearer <GRAFANA-API_KEY>'

Last update: August 30, 2021