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Data Privacy

Run:AI SaaS Cluster installation uses the Run:AI cloud as its control plane. The cluster sends information to the cloud for the purpose of control as well as dashboards. The document below is a run-down of the data that is being sent to the Run:AI cloud.


If the data detailed below is not in line with your organization's policy, you can choose to install the Run:AI self-hosted version. The self-hosted installation includes the Run:AI control-plane (also called "backend") and will not communicate with the cloud. The self-hosted installation has different pricing.


Following is a list of platform data items that are sent to the Run:AI cloud.

Asset Data Details Comments
Job Metrics Job names, CPU, GPU, and Memory metrics, parameters sent using the runai submit command
Node Metrics Node names and IPs, CPU, GPU, and Memory metrics
Cluster Metrics Cluster names, CPU, GPU, and Memory metrics  
Projects & Departments Names, quota information
Users User roles
Users User emails and passwords Managed by a third party See privacy policy and compliance statements

Run:AI does not send deep-learning artifacts to the cloud. As such any Code, images, container logs, training data, models, checkpoints and the like, stay behind corporate firewalls.

See Also

The Run:AI privacy policy.

Last update: October 14, 2021