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Install a Cluster


Install prerequisites as per cluster prerequisites document.

Install Cluster

Perform the cluster installation instructions explained here.

Perform the cluster installation instructions explained here.

On the second tab of the cluster wizard, when copying the helm command for installation, you will need to use the pre-provided installation file instead of using helm repositories. As such:

  • Do not add the helm repository and do not run helm repo update.
  • Instead, edit the helm upgrade command.
    • Replace runai/runai-cluster with runai-cluster-<version>.tgz.
    • Add --set global.image.registry=<Docker Registry address> where the registry address is as entered in the preparation section

The command should look like the following:

helm upgrade -i runai-cluster runai-cluster-<version>.tgz \
    --set controlPlane.url=... \
    --set controlPlane.clientSecret=... \
    --set cluster.uid=... \
    --set cluster.url=... --create-namespace \
    --set global.image.registry=registry.mycompany.local \


Use the --dry-run flag to gain an understanding of what is being installed before the actual installation. For more details see Understanding cluster access roles.

(Optional) Customize Installation

To customize specific aspects of the cluster installation see customize cluster installation.