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runai list


Show lists of Workloads, Projects, Clusters or Nodes.


runai list jobs 
    [--all-projects | -A]  

    [--loglevel value] 
    [--project string | -p string] 
    [--help | -h]

runai list projects 
    [--loglevel value] 
    [--help | -h]

runai list clusters  
    [--loglevel value] 
    [--help | -h]

runai list nodes [node-name]
    [--loglevel value] 
    [--help | -h]


node-name - Name of a specific node to list (optional).

--all-projects | -A

Show Workloads from all Projects.

Global Flags

--loglevel (string)

Set the logging level. One of: debug | info | warn | error (default "info").

--project | -p (string)

Specify the Project to which the command applies. By default, commands apply to the default Project. To change the default Project use runai config project <project-name>.

--help | -h

Show help text.


  • A list of Workloads, Nodes, Projects, or Clusters.
  • To filter 'runai list nodes' for a specific Node, add the Node name.

See Also

To show details for a specific Workload or Node see runai describe.