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runai resume


Resume a suspended Job

Resuming a previously suspended Job will return it to the queue for scheduling. The Job may or may not start immediately, depending on available resources.

Suspend and resume do not work with mpi Jobs.


runai resume <job-name>
    [--all | -A]

    [--loglevel value]
    [--project string | -p string]
    [--help | -h]


<job-name> - The name of the Job to run the command with. Mandatory.

--all | -A

Resume all suspended Jobs in the current Project.

Global Flags

--loglevel (string)

Set the logging level. One of: debug | info | warn | error (default "info").

--project | -p (string)

Specify the Project to which the command applies. By default, commands apply to the default Project. To change the default Project use runai config project <project-name>.

--help | -h

Show help text.


  • The Job will be resumed. When running runai list jobs the Job status will no longer by Suspended.

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