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The Trainings interface provides a wizard to make submitting jobs easy.


You must have:

  • Workspaces enabled.
  • At least one Project configured.


See your system administrator to ensure the prerequisites are enabled and configured.

Adding Trainings


Where there is a card gallery, use the search bar to find specific cards based on title or field values.

To add a training:

  1. Press Tranings in the menu.
  2. In the Projects pane, select the destination project. Use the search box to find projects that are not listed. If you can't find the project, see your system administrator.
  3. In the Templates pane, select a template from the list. Use the search box to find templates that are not listed. If you can't find the specific template you need, see your system administrator.
  4. In the Training name pane, enter a name for the Traninng, then press continue.
  5. In the Environment pane select or create a new environment. Use the search box to find environments that are not listed.
  6. In the Compute resource pane, select resources for your tranings or create a new compute resource. Use the search box to find resources that are not listed. Press More settings to use Node Affinity to limit the resources to a specific node.
  7. In the Data sources pane, press add a new data source. For more information, see Creating a new data source When complete press, Create Data Source.
  8. When complete, press Create training.

Managing Trainings

The Trainings list contains a list of training jobs that you have created or have access to.

To manage your trainings:

  1. Press the 1. Press Tranings in the menu.
  2. Select a Training from the list.
  3. Choose from the following actions:
    • Activate—activates the selected training job.
    • Stop—stops the selected training job.
    • Connect—connects to the training job's configured environment.
    • Copy & edit—copies the details of the selected training job to a new training job.
    • Delete—deletes the current training session.
    • Show details—displays details about the training job.

Training details

Training details are displayed using the Show details action. The details available per training job include;

  • Event hostory—a graph of the job's status over time along with a list of events found in the log.
  • Metrics—a graph of available metrics for the job. Use the drop down select a date and a time slice. Metrics include:

    • GPU utilization
    • GPU memory useage
    • CPU useage
    • CPU memory useage
  • Logs—a log file of the current status. Use the download button to save the logs.

To hide the training details, press Hide details.