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Run:ai Event Router

The Run:ai Event Router repository is a wrapper chart of kubernetes-event-exporter open source project configured specifically to trigger alerts from Run.Ai cluster.


The Event Router currently is configured out of the box only for parsing Run:ai scheduler events to Slack.

Configure Slack notifications

To configure Slack notifications:

  1. Create a new slack app here. The slack app is used to trigger notifications to a channel and to generate auth token to the event-router.

    After pressing on the create new app button, you should have the option to create the app from an app manifest.

  2. Copy the following slack manifest definition in order to create runai-event-router-app:

      name: runai-event-router
      description: This app is used by runai-event-router for sending notifications through slack
      background_color: "#141f40"
        display_name: runai-event-router-app
        always_online: false
          - chat:write
          - incoming-webhook
          - chat:write.public
      org_deploy_enabled: false
      socket_mode_enabled: false
      token_rotation_enabled: false

    After creating your app go to the "OAuth & Permissions" section in your app and grab the Bot User OAuth Token, in the following step paste the token in the values.yaml.


    In order to create the slack app without a manifest you can follow slack docs: guide to creating Slack apps with bot tokens.

  3. Clone the Run.Ai Event Router repository and edit the values.yaml file.

      - my_runai_project
    clusterName: ""
      enabled: true
      apiToken: ""
      channel: ""

    runaiProjects—projects listed here will send notifications. Use the regex pattern .* to find all the projects with the same starting name.

    clusterName—name of the cluster to show in the Slack notifications.


    enabled—Enable slack integration

    apiToken—Slack bot token, configured with 'chat:write' permissions. (see previous section)

    channel—A destination channel 'runai-notifications' a direct message '@bob.marly' or dynamic by setting 'pod-project'.

    If the value of channel is set to pod-project, the event router will try to send the notification by tagging '@project' where project is taken from the 'project' label attached to your pod by runai.

  4. After configuring the values.yaml file, run the following commands to deploy the chart:

    chmod +x
    helm install runai-event-router . -n runai-monitoring --create-namespace --post-renderer ./