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Running Spark jobs with Run:AI

Spark has two modes for running jobs on kubernetes:

  • Using a CLI tool called spark-submit that submits raw pods.
  • CRD with operator.

CLI Spark-submit

To run a Spark job on Kubernetes using the CLI:

  1. Download a pre-built spark with hadoop image from here.
  2. Open the file, then go to its root to submit the jobs.

Cluster preparation

Ensure that your Kubernetes cluster has a service account with permissions in the namespace that you want to run the jobs in. Use the following commands to launch the Spark demo:

kubectl create ns spark-demo

kubectl create serviceaccount spark -n spark-demo

kubectl create clusterrolebinding spark-role --clusterrole edit --serviceaccount spark-demo:spark -n spark-demo

Change the namespace to runai-<your_runai-project-name>.

Docker Images

We need to build docker images and push them to either a public repository or load them to kind.

To build the images run:

./bin/ -t <image_tag> build

Then push the docker image to your repository:

Submitting jobs

To submit a job:

  1. Set the value of the API server of the kubernetes cluster you are working with in the K8S\_SERVER environment variable.
  2. Run kubectl config view to search for your cluster.
  3. Copy the value of the server field (for example,

To run a simple job with the default scheduler use the following:

./bin/spark-submit --master k8s://$K8S\_SERVER --deploy-mode cluster --name spark-pi \
--class org.apache.spark.examples.SparkPi \
--conf spark.kubernetes.namespace=spark-demo \
--conf spark.executor.instances=5 \
--conf spark.kubernetes.container.image=spark:v3.2.1 \
--conf spark.kubernetes.authenticate.driver.serviceAccountName=spark \
local:///opt/spark/examples/jars/spark-examples\_2.12-3.4.0.jar 10

The command will first create a pod called driver" and then it will create 5 executor (worker) pods that will do the actual work of running the job. The executor pods will have the driver as their Kubernetes owner.

Submitting jobs using runai-scheduler

To submit a job with runai-scheduler in project <project_name> add or change these flags:

--conf spark.kubernetes.namespace=runai-team-a \
--conf \
--conf spark.kubernetes.driver.label.runai/queue=team-a \
--conf spark.kubernetes.executor.label.runai/queue=team-a \

To schedule the executors on GPUs, add the following flags:

--conf spark.executor.resource.gpu.amount=1 \
--conf \
--conf spark.executor.resource.gpu.discoveryScript=/opt/spark/examples/src/main/scripts/ \

With GPU fractions add the annotaiton to the executor pods:

--conf spark.kubernetes.executor.annotation.gpu-fraction=0.5 \
--conf spark.executor.resource.gpu.amount=0 \
--conf \
--conf spark.executor.resource.gpu.discoveryScript=/opt/spark/examples/src/main/scripts/ \

See also

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