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Install a Cluster


Install prerequisites as per cluster prerequisites document.

Customize Installation

  • Perform the cluster installation instructions explained here.
  • (Optional) make the following changes to the configuration file you have downloaded:
Key Default Description
runai-operator.config.project-controller.createNamespaces true Set to false if unwilling to provide Run:ai the ability to create namespaces, or would want to create namespaces manually rather than use the Run:ai convention of runai-<PROJECT-NAME>. When set to false, will require an additional manual step when creating new Run:ai Projects.
runai-operator.config.project-controller.clusterWideSecret true Set to false if unwilling to provide Run:ai the ability to create Kubernetes Secrets. When not enabled, automatic secret propagation will not be available
runai-operator.config.mps-server.enabled false Allow the use of NVIDIA MPS. MPS is useful with Inference workloads. Requires extra cluster permissions
runai-operator.config.runai-container-toolkit.enabled true Controls the usage of Fractions. Requires extra cluster permissions docker Defines the container runtime of the cluster (supports docker and containerd). Set to containerd when using Tanzu
runai-operator.config.runaiBackend.password Default password already set [email protected] password. Need to change only if you have changed the password here

Install Cluster


helm repo add runai
helm repo update

helm install runai-cluster runai/runai-cluster -n runai \
    -f runai-<cluster-name>.yaml --create-namespace


To install a specific version, add --version <version> to the install command. You can find available versions by running helm search repo -l runai-cluster.

helm install runai-cluster -n runai  \ 
  runai-cluster-<version>.tgz -f runai-<cluster-name>.yaml --create-namespace


Use the --dry-run flag to gain an understanding of what is being installed before the actual installation. For more details see Understanding cluster access roles.