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Installing additional Clusters

The first Run:ai cluster is typically installed on the same OpenShift cluster as the Run:ai control plane. Run:ai supports multiple clusters per single control plane. This document is about installing additional clusters on different OpenShift clusters.

The instructions are for Run:ai version 2.13 and up.


When you log in, you do so in the context of a specific cluster. When you switch to a different cluster, you will be prompted to log in to that cluster.


The exact configuration details must be worked together with Run:ai customer support.

Additional Cluster Installation

Create a new cluster, then:

  • Select a target platform OpenShift
  • Select a Cluster location Remote to Control Plane.
  • You must enter a specific cluster URL with the format https://runai.apps.<BASE_DOMAIN>. To get the base Domain run oc get dns cluster -oyaml | grep baseDomain
  • Ignore the instructions for creating a secret.


When configured, you will see an option to choose a cluster at the bottom of the login screen: