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Self Hosted Run:ai Installation

The self-hosted option is for organizations that cannot use a SaaS solution due to data leakage concerns.

Run:ai self-hosting comes with two variants:

Self-hosting Type Description
Connected The organization can freely download from the internet (though upload is not allowed)
Air-gapped The organization has no connection to the internet

The self-hosted installation is priced differently. For further information please talk to Run:ai sales.

Self-hosting with Kubernetes vs OpenShift

Kubernetes has many Certified Kubernetes Providers. Run:ai has been installed with a number of those such as Rancher, OpenShift, HPE Ezmeral, and Native Kubernetes. The OpenShift installation is different from the rest. As such, the Run:ai self-hosted installation instructions are divided into two separate sections:

Last update: 2022-08-10
Created: 2021-08-06