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Verifying Cluster Health

Following is a set of tests that determine the Run:ai cluster health:

Verify that data is sent to the cloud

Log in to <company-name>

  • Verify that all metrics in the overview dashboard are showing.
  • Verify that all metrics are showing in the Nodes view.
  • Go to Projects and create a new Project. Find the new Project using the CLI command: runai list projects

Verify that the Run:ai services are running


kubectl get pods -n runai
kubectl get pods -n monitoring
Verify that all pods are in Running status and a ready state (1/1 or similar)


kubectl get deployments -n runai

Check that all deployments are in a ready state (1/1)


kubectl get daemonset -n runai

A Daemonset runs on every node. Some of the Run:ai daemon-sets run on all nodes. Others run only on nodes that contain GPUs. Verify that for all daemonsets the desired number is equal to current and to ready.

Submit a Job via the command-line interface

Submitting a Job will allow you to verify that the Run:ai scheduling service is in order.

  • Make sure that the Project you have created has a quota of at least 1 GPU
  • Run:
runai config project <project-name>
runai submit -i -g 1
  • Verify that the Job is in a Running state by running:
runai list jobs
  • Verify that the Job is showing in the Jobs area at <company-name>

Submit a Job via the user interface

Log into the Run:ai user interface, and verify that you have a Researcher or Research Manager role. Go to the Jobs area. On the top right, press the button to create a Job. Once the form opens -- submit a Job.