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Diagnostic Tools

Add Verbosity to the Database container

Run:ai Self-hosted installation contains an internal database. To diagnose database issues, you can run the database in debug mode.

In the runai-backend-values, search for postgresql. Add:

    debug: true

Re-install the Run:ai control-plane and then review the database logs by running:

kubectl logs -n runai-backend runai-postgresql-0

Internal Networking Issues

Run:ai is based on Kubernetes. Kubernetes runs its own internal subnet with a separate DNS service. If you see in the logs that services have trouble connecting, the problem may reside there. You can find further information on how to debug Kubernetes DNS here. Specifically, it is useful to start a pod with networking utilities and use it for network resolution:

kubectl run -i --tty netutils --image=dersimn/netutils -- bash

Add Verbosity to Prometheus

Add verbosity to Prometheus by editing RunaiConfig:

kubectl edit runaiconfig runai -n runai

Add a debug log level:

      logLevel: debug

To view logs, run:

kubectl logs prometheus-runai-prometheus-operator-prometheus-0 prometheus \
      -n monitoring -f --tail 100

Add Verbosity to Scheduler

To view extended logs run:

kubectl edit ruaiconfig runai -n runai

Then under the scheduler section add:

     verbosity: 6


Verbose scheduler logs consume a significant amount of disk space.