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runai describe


Display details of a Workload or Node.


runai describe job <job-name> 
    [--output value | -o value]  

    [--loglevel value] 
    [--project string | -p string] 
    [--help | -h]
    [--output string | -o string]  

runai describe node [node-name] 

    [--loglevel value] 
    [--help | -h]


  • <job-name> - The name of the Workload to run the command with. Mandatory.
  • <node-name> - The name of the Node to run the command with. If a Node name is not specified, a description of all Nodes is shown.

-o | --output

Output format. One of: json|yaml|wide. Default is 'wide'

Global Flags

--loglevel (string)

Set the logging level. One of: debug | info | warn | error (default "info").

--project | -p (string)

Specify the Project to which the command applies. By default, commands apply to the default Project. To change the default Project, use: runai config project <project-name>.

--help | -h

Show help text


  • The runai describe job command will show Workload properties and status as well as lifecycle events and the list of related resources and pods.
  • The runai describe node command will show Node properties.