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Viewing and Submitting Jobs

The Run:ai User interface Job area allows the viewing of Jobs and Job details. It also allows the Researcher to submit Jobs, suspend and resume Jobs and delete Jobs.

Job List

The main view shows a list of Jobs. The list can be filtered and sorted:


Submit a Job

On the top right, you can choose to Submit a new Job. A Job form will open:



If the Submit Job button is disabled or does not exist, then your cluster is not installed or configured to connect to the cluster see here for more information.

Job Properties

When selecting a single Job, a right-pane appears:


This multi-tab view provides information about Job details, related Pods, Job status history, and various utilization graphs. You can also view internal Job logs as shown here:


Other Operations

You can also delete a selected Job or suspend/resume a selected Job.

Workloads Toggle

The workloads toggle changes the current Jobs view to Workloads. For more information, see the Workloads page.