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Upgrading a Cluster Installation

Find out Run:ai Cluster version

To find the Run:ai cluster version, run:

helm list -n runai -f runai-cluster

and record the chart version in the form of runai-cluster-<version-number>

Upgrade Run:ai cluster

Upgrade to version 2.15

The cluster installation has changed in version 2.15 such that no values file ia needed and old customizations do not have to be copied. Hence, simply follow the instructions for Installing Run:ai to install Run:ai.

All customizations done in RunaiConfig are saved during the upgrade.

Upgrade from version 2.9, 2.10, 2.11 or 2.12 to version 2.13


helm get values runai-cluster -n runai > old-values.yaml
  1. Review the file old-values.yaml and see if there are any changes performed during the last installation.
  2. Follow the instructions for Installing Run:ai to download a new values file.
  3. Merge the changes from Step 1 into the new values file.
  4. Run helm upgrade as per the instructions in the link above.


To upgrade to a specific version of the Run:ai cluster, add --version <version-number> to the helm upgrade command. You can find the relevant version with helm search repo as described above.

Upgrade from version 2.7 or 2.8

The process of upgrading from 2.7 or 2.8 requires uninstalling and then installing again. No data is lost during the process.


The reason for this process is that Run:ai 2.9 cluster installation no longer installs pre-requisites. As such ownership of dependencies such as Prometheus will be undefined if a helm upgrade is run.

The process:

  • Delete the Run:ai cluster installation according to these instructions (do not delete the Run:ai cluster object from the user interface).
  • The following commands should be executed after running the helm uninstall command
    kubectl -n runai delete all --all
    kubectl -n runai delete cm --all
    kubectl -n runai delete secret --all
    kubectl -n runai delete roles --all
    kubectl -n runai delete rolebindings --all
    kubectl -n runai delete ingress --all
    kubectl -n runai delete servicemonitors --all
    kubectl -n runai delete podmonitors --all
    kubectl delete -l app=runai
    kubectl delete -l app=runai
    kubectl delete svc -n kube-system runai-cluster-kube-prometh-kubelet
  • Install the mandatory Run:ai prerequisites:

    • If you have previously installed the SaaS version of Run:ai version 2.7 or below, you will need to install both Ingress Controller and Prometheus.
    • If you have previously installed the SaaS version of Run:ai version 2.8 or any Self-hosted version of Run:ai, you will need to install Prometheus only.
  • Install Run:ai cluster as described here

Verify Successful Installation

See Verify your installation on how to verify a Run:ai cluster installation