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Run:ai Configuration Articles

This section provides a list of installation-related articles dealing with a wide range of subjects:

Article Purpose
Designating Specific Role Nodes Set one or more designated Run:ai system nodes or limit Run:ai monitoring and scheduling to specific nodes in the cluster.
Setup Project-based Researcher Access Control Enable Run:ai access control is at the Project level.
Single sign-on Integrate with the organization's Identity Provider to provide single sign-on for Run:ai
Review Kubernetes Access provided to Run:ai In Restrictive Kubernetes environments such as when using OpenShift, understand and control what Kubernetes roles are provided to Run:ai
External access to Containers Understand the available options for Researchers to access containers from the outside
User Identity in Container The identity of the user in the container determines its access to cluster resources. The document explains multiple way on how to propagate the user identity into the container.
Install the Run:ai Administrator Command-line Interface The Administrator command-line is useful in a variety of flows such as cluster upgrade, node setup etc.