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Manually Create Projects


The Administrator creates Run:ai Projects via the Run:ai user interface. When enabling Researcher Authentication you also assign users to Projects.

Run:ai Projects are implemented as Kubernetes namespaces. When creating a new Run:ai Project, Run:ai does the following automatically:

  1. Creates a namespace by the name of runai-<PROJECT-NAME>.
  2. Labels the namespace as managed by Run:ai.
  3. Provides access to the namespace for Run:ai services.
  4. Associates users with the namespace.

This process may need to be altered if,

  • Researchers already have existing Kubernetes namespaces
  • The organization's Kubernetes namespace naming convention does not allow the runai- prefix.
  • The organization's policy does not allow the automatic creation of namespaces.


Run:ai allows the association of a Run:ai Project with any existing Kubernetes namespace:

  • When setting up a Run:ai cluster, Disable namespace creation by setting the cluster flag createNamespaces to false.
  • Using the Run:ai User Interface, create a new Project <PROJECT-NAME>. A namespace will not be created.
  • Associate and existing namepace <NAMESPACE> with the Run:ai project by running:
kubectl label ns <NAMESPACE>  runai/queue=<PROJECT_NAME>


Setting the createNamespaces flag to false moves the responsibility of creating namespaces to match Run:ai Projects to the administrator.