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Hot Fixes for 2.15

The following is a list of the known and fixed issues for Run:ai V2.15.

Version 2.15.9 - February 5, 2024

Fixed issues

Internal ID Description
RUN-15296 Fixed an issue where the resources parameter was deprecated in the Projects and Departments API.

Version 2.15.4 - January 5, 2024

Fixed issues

Internal ID Description
RUN-15026 Fixed an issue in workloads that were built on a cluster that does not support the NFS field.
RUN-14907 Fixed an issue after an upgrade where the Analytics dashboard was missing the time ranges from before the upgrade.
RUN-14903 Fixed an issue where internal operations were exposed to the customer audit log.
RUN-14062 Fixed an issue in the Overview dashboard where the content for the Running Workload per Type panel did not fit.

Version 2.15.2 - February 5, 2024

Fixed issues

Internal ID Description
RUN-14434 Fixed an issue where the Allocated GPUs metric was multiplied by seven.

Version 2.15.1 - December 17, 2023

Release content

  • Added environment variables for customizable QPS and burst support.

  • Added the ability to support running multiple Prometheus replicas.

Fixed issues

Internal ID Description
RUN-14292 Fixed an issue where BCM installations were failing due to missing create cluster permissions.
RUN-14289 Fixed an issue where metrics were not working due to an incorrect parameter in the cluster-config file.
RUN-14198 Fixed an issue in services where multi nodepool jobs were not scheduled due to an unassigned nodepool status.
RUN-14191 Fixed an issue where a consolidation failure would cause unnecessary evictions.
RUN-14154 Fixed an issue in the New cluster form, whefre the dropdown listed versions that were incompatible with the installed control plane.
RUN-13956 Fixed an issue in the Jobs table where templates were not edited successfully.
RUN-13891 Fixed an issue where Ray job statuses were shown as empty.
RUN-13825 Fixed an issue where GPU sharing configmaps were not deleted.
RUN-13628 Fixed an issue where the pre-install pod failed to run pre-install tasks due to the request being denied (Unauthorized).
RUN-13550 Fixed an issue where environments were not recovering from a node restart due to a missing GPU runtime class for containerized nodes.
RUN-11895 Fixed an issue where the wrong amount of GPU memory usage was shown (is now MB).
RUN-11681 Fixed an issue in OpenShift environments where some metrics were not shown on dashboards when the GPU Operator from the RedHat marketplace was installed.

Version 2.15.0

Fixed issues

Internal ID Description
RUN-13456 Fixed an issue where the Researcher L1 role did not have permissions to create and manage credentials.
RUN-13282 Fixed an issue where Workspace logs crashed unexpectedly after restarting.
RUN-13121 Fixed an issue in not being able to launch jobs using the API after an upgrade overrode a change in keycloak for applications which have a custom mapping to an email.
RUN-13103 Fixed an issue in the Workspaces and Trainings table where the action buttons were not greyed out for users with only the view role.
RUN-12993 Fixed an issue where Prometheus was reporting metrics even though the cluster was disconnected.
RUN-12978 Fixed an issue after an upgrade, where permissions fail to sync to a project due to a missing application name in the CRD.
RUN-12900 Fixed an issue in the Projects table, when sorting by Allocated GPUs, the projects were displayed alphabetically and not numerically.
RUN-12846 Fixed an issue after a control-plane upgrade, where GPU, CPU, and Memory Cost fields (in the Consumption Reports) were missing when not using Grafana.
RUN-12824 Fixed an issue where airgapped environments tried to pull an image from (Internet).
RUN-12769 Fixed an issue where SSO users were unable to see projects in Job Form unless the group they belong to was added directly to the project.
RUN-12602 Fixed an issue in the documentation where the WorkloadServices configuration in the runaiconfig file was incorrect.
RUN-12528 Fixed an issue where the Workspace duration scheduling rule was suspending workspaces regardless of the configured duration.
RUN-12298 Fixed an issue where projects were not shown in the Projects table due to the API not sanitizing the project name at time of creation.
RUN-12157 Fixed an issue where querying pods completion time returned a negative number.
RUN-10560 Fixed an issue where no Prometheus alerts were sent due to a misconfiguration of the parameter RunaiDaemonSetRolloutStuck.